Feb. 16, 2011

Big Island Lava Zone Financing

I have discussed Lava Zones previously on this blog so I won't repeat myself on what they are and why they exist.  Suffice to say that if you are looking for Hawaii Island Real Estate, you will quickly learn about the Lava Zones of Hawaii County.


The purpose of this writing is to reassure potential buyers of Hawaii Island Real Estate that financing and insurance is indeed available for ALL Lava Zones!  Many buyers and even some Real Estate Agents are under the misconception that the only way to buy properties in Lava Zones One or Two would be to pay cash.  Not true!  Financing and insurance are definately available in those areas!  It is true that there are not as many options.  Many lenders do not make loans in those areas.  So if you just called your bank or the Agent just uses his usual cronies, you may have been told to only look for properties in Lava Zone 3 or higher.

I am here to tell you that there are many great properties within Lava Zones one and two that buyers shouldn't be so quick to rule out!  Not too many of us believe the lava will really ever pose a threat to most of these neighborhoods, so the hesitation has almost always been due to limited lending, not fear of losing a property to lava.  There are a couple of neighborhoods that are the exception and probably are wise to be avoided.

I have lenders ready to loan in ANY Lava Zone.  Call me for a referral.  Once approved, let's go look at some great properties!  


Stephen Sheldon, R/A
Bridge Real Estate Hawaii
East Hawaii Real Estate Expert
Foreclosure Specialist

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